Send Test SMS

Send SMS - Online Text Message In Few Easy Steps:

Upon successful signup, you will receive account security messages in sms text message sent to your registered phone number.
To activate and secure your account, and receive the free test credits, you will receive an activation message in your email with instructions.
Create a free account here, then check you email for activation link and click on it.
Provide the activation code you received on your phone to proceed.

Now that your account is set and secure, login here.
You will be taken to the Send Message page.

Note the boxes for:

  • TO - enter in this box, the recipient number including country code without the plus + sign in this format: 2348138002199).
    For multiple recipients, separate their respective phone numbers using a coma: 2348138002199, 44123456789.
  • FROM - select here a sender name to be used to deliver your message.
    To setup a new sender name, buy sms credits here, then request for a sender name here.
  • MESSAGE - type in your text message inside this box.
  • Click on Send button, then Confirm. That's it!
    Kindly be aware that you can have your own customized sender names, such as your company or product names only after you make your first purchase.



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