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HIGH-END MESSAGING SOLUTIONS - Endless list of happy clients enjoy feature-rich global bulk sms messaging
GLOBAL SMS HUBBING - Connection to 850+ operators globally ensures seamless flow of SMS at the least cost
HIGH DELIVERY RATE - Guaranteed 100% delivery to active lines through multiple delivery channels
TRANSACTIONAL SMS - A messaging solution second to none, no more MTN rUPDATE, rNotify, InfoSMS, INFINITI etc.
COST-EFFECTIVE - Most affordable pricing model in the industry, clean billing system
SMART MESSAGING - Send messages directly to your phone contacts list as our mobile app lets you manage your transactions on the go
GSM DATABASE - Access to gsm numbers of residents, business contacts etc of any location in Nigeria and around the globe
EASE OF CONNECTIVITY - Connect your applications, websites via HTTP or SMPP API and start sending instantly
GSM VERIFICATION - Combat fraud, cut costs, clean up your contacts list, verify and remove non-existent gsm numbers



Send quality bulk sms with PC, mobile, or smpp/http gateway api, cheapest price to MTN, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel, worldwide coverage.
Our feature-rich premium bulk sms messaging solution is second to none in the industry.


International mobile inter-operability facilitates global flow of SMS. Our connection to 850+ operators in 222 countries/territories around the globe ensures seamless delivery for your bulk sms messages worldwide, thereby resolving interoperability issues. See coverage


Most affordable pricing model in the industry. Our clean billing system ensures that your account is charged only after confirming successful submission. See pricing


Mobile app lets you manage your messaging transactions on the go. Send bulk sms messages directly to your gsm phone contacts list. It is just that easy! Be smart, do even more on the go. Download app from Google Play Store


We guarantee highest delivery rate at most affordable price. Our multiple delivery channels ensures your messages go through to intended recipients around the globe, including to DND-subscribed gsm numbers.


Our transactional sms messaging solution is second to none. Deliver personalized messages to your clients with correct sender names in real-time. No more MTN rUPDATE, rNotify, InfoSMS, INFINITI etc. This service is for organizations that need to stay in touch with staff, members, customers etc. via sms alerts. See more on DND and and how to take advantage of transactional sms gateway here


Access to gsm numbers of residents, business contacts etc of any location in Nigeria and around the globe. We invite you to leverage our BizBooster gsm database and boost the reach of your business, products, services, using bulk sms direct marketing. Read more


Our API channels are available for connections from your applications. Web applications can connect via HTTP API. International mobile operators can use existing facility to connect over SMPP. More on API Integration


With this service, you can now verify whether or not a gsm number is existing, the country and network operator etc. Clean up your contacts list, cut unnecessary costs and improve message delivery rate by removing non-existenting gsm numbers. Combat fraud by detecting the real-time location of any gsm number, and lots more. More information on nummber verification here


Join our community of advertisers and take your business to the next level.

Use our up-to-date database of gsm lines within any location in Nigeria and around the globe to reach new prospects and grow your business.
Phone numbers by location lets you connect new people and close more business conversions.
Take your business to residents within your choice locality and make more sells with ease.

GSM Numbers Download

To commence gsm numbers database downloads for any location, login and fund your sms account.
Alternatively, you may pay directly using the methods explained here
Proceed to contact our crew on WhatsApp: (+2348138002199) or email (crew and indicate your target location and volume.
You will receive a download link after debiting your account for that volume of gsm numbers requested.
We sell at the following rate:
N200 per 1000 gsm numbers
N5,000 per LGA/locality database
N20,000 per state/regional database
N100,000 Full national database for any country.

For more info, click here to start WhatsApp chat


Filter out those numbers that are no longer in use. Stop sending messages to inactive gsm numbers in your list today.
Improve efficiency & cost - Validating numbers prior to campaigns improves campaign efficiency & cost, focusing only on those numbers that are currently active.
Combat fraud - Authenticate and verify real time locations to combat fraud
Be relevant - Avoid sending customers or employees inaccurate or irrelevant information
With the proliferation of Mobile Number Portability (MNP), customer databases are often full of invalid or deactivated numbers.
As a result, businesses trying to connect with customers face unsuccessful delivery and incure unnecessary costs.
Our mobile number lookup service enables accurate verification of mobile phone subscribers prior to broadcasts, thereby ensuring you reach and spend only on your active customers.

With an intelligent and advanced solution featuring a throughput capacity of over 8,000 lookups per second, you can retrieve mobile subscribers’ roaming and number port status, as well as identify invalid numbers, switched off handsets, or other errors.


Understanding DND

In line with NCC (in Nigeria) regulations, mobile network operators are now required to implement a Do Not Disturb (DND) service enabling gsm users to subscribe or unsubscribe from receiving promotional bulk SMS and VAS messages.

Sender Names Request

Our sms gateway is designed to ensure delivery to gsm lines notwithstanding their DND subscription status.
To achieve this, you can register unlimited sender names free for your business outfit, institution, company or organization. Establishments such as commercial banks, microfinance banks, insurance firms, hospitals, clinics, schools, hotels, trade unions, churches, NGOs, and the likes now take advantage of our transactional gateway to deliver their in-house sms messaging to staff, clients, members, volunteers, affiliates, partners etc. with the correct sender names, without restrictions.
To commence, forward all your desired sender names (11 characters maximum each) to

Depending on the type of organization you represent, you may be required to submit this printed on the organization's letterhead.
Attaching a copy of your organization's CAC business name registration, incorporation certificate, or any certification/registration that applies to the type of organization you represent may be necessary.
An authorization to carry out tranasactional messaging on behalf of an organization is also acceptable.

Transactional SMS takes double per page of sms delivery.


Affordability of quality bulk sms is our watchword

Enjoy quality messaging on our platform at most pocket-friendly flat-rate pricing in the industry
1 Naira = 1 Unit of sms
All prices are inclusive of 5%VAT. To purchase via bank transfers/deposits, add N50 stamp duty charges.
Note: SMS units don't expire. For the unit costs to deliver a page of SMS to all countries, see full coverage list here
Recharge here


We accept the following methods of payment:

We accept all Nigerian banks debit/ATM cards for payments. To use your ATM/debit cards, select VoguePay or Paystack while ordering for a package. If you already have a VoguePay or Paystack account, you can also pay directly from your account wallet.

You can fund your account via QuickTeller, direct cash deposit, ATM or online transfers made in favour of any of DuruSystems Integrated Services Ltd., using any of the accounts below:
UBA Bank

DuruSystems Ltd.

Diamond Bank

DuruSystems Ltd.


DuruSystems Ltd.

First Bank

DuruSystems Ltd.


For these payment methods, minimum accepted purchase for bulk sms units is 10,000 and above.

Choose Alternative Payment as payment method, then transfer full amount to the BitCoin wallet you will receive on checkout.
Western Union
Contact Support on +2348138002199


Always use your email or username for depositor name on the bank teller for cash deposits. For VoguePay and Paystack online payments, PerfectMoney or BitCoin, use it as transaction description/reference.
For WesternUnion transfers, text your email/username, amount, payment reference (MTCN), to +2348138002199.
Accounts are credited instantly and automatically for payments made through VoguePay and Paystack. Other methods may take up to 15 minutes, owing to payment confirmation.


Our bulk sms services can be seamlessly integrated into any application or platform that supports HTTP API, giving you the same advantage you currently enjoy on our platform.
Below are the API URL settings and parameters for integration with any platform that supports HTTP API.
Our SMPP bind API for high volume customers is available on request

Send Message API

You can send to single or multiple gsm numbers via the API.
End Point URL:
API Name = miyapp

Example [Sending to Mobile(s)]
API URL:,9044XXXXXXX&senderid=miyapp&message=hello&unicode=1&schedule=yyyy:mm:dd:hh:mm:ss

Example [Sending to Mobile(s), exclude DND numbers]
API URL:,9044XXXXXXX&senderid=miyapp&message=hello&unicode=1&schedule=yyyy:mm:dd:hh:mm:ss&dnd=0

Example [Sending to Group(s)],2&senderid=miyapp&message=hello&unicode=1&schedule=yyyy:mm:dd:hh:mm:ss

Example [Sending to Group(s), exclude DND numbers],2&senderid=miyapp&message=hello&unicode=1&schedule=yyyy:mm:dd:hh:mm:ss&dnd=0

Example [SPC Portal]
API response on Success: 1111
API Response confirmation: Contains
Account balance API:
Push to API as: Bulk


user * = The login name for you SMS account
password * = The login password for your SMS account
mobile * = The target mobile numbers separated with comma (ex. 08138002199,08033333333 etc)
senderid * = The sender name that will show as ‘from’ address (ex. your company trade name, not more than 11 characters)
message * = The actual text message to send to the target mobile number (ex. Hello)
schedule = This is to schedule the SMS in future date. The format should be yyyy:mm:dd:hh:mm:ss (ex. 2016:01:31:14:20:10)
unicode = This is used for send Unicode sms via SMS HTTP API (ex. 1 or 2)
Unicode = 1 (You can directly send the Unicode characters)
Unicode = 2 (You can send Unicode converted as hex)
group_id = Account holder Group id in (ex. 1,2,3)
dnd = 0 (this is used to exclude DND numbers)
dnd = 1 (default value - this is used to include DND numbers)

* = mandatory

Response Codes

1111:SUCCESS:SMS Submitted Successfully, mobilecount=x, creditsused=y (When all the mobile numbers are accepted for delivery)
1112:SUCCESS:SMS Submitted Successfully, mobilecount=x, creditsused=y, failedcount=z (When there are few numbers which are not accepted for delivery)
1113:SUCCESS:SMS Scheduled Successfully
1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. User cannot be empty
1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. Password cannot be empty
1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. Mobile or Group id cannot be empty
1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. Message cannot be empty
1005:ERROR:Invalid value in username or password field
1030:ERROR:Account doesn't exist
1010:ERROR:Account expired
1015:ERROR:Your credits are Low
1020:ERROR:Invalid Sender
1040:ERROR:You are not allowed to send Unicode Messages
1050:ERROR:Character count is greater than X
1060:ERROR:Invalid Group id Specified
1070:ERROR:Invalid schedule time
1080:ERROR:Unable to schedule message
1090:ERROR:Unable to send message
1100:ERROR:Message has been waitlisted (mobilecount=x)

Check Balance API

You can retrieve your account balance via API

EndPoint URL:

Example [Send Credits Balance]

Example [Receive Credits Balance]

Example [Get Account]


user * = The login name for you SMS account
password * = The login password for your SMS account
action * = The action string. It can be 'send' or 'receive' or 'account'

* = mandatory

Response Codes

1112:SUCCESS:Total Send Credits:xx Used Credits: yy Remaining credits: zz
1113:SUCCESS:Total Receive Credits:xx Used Credits: yy Remaining credits: yy
{"name":"Super User","Totalsendcredits":"xx","Usedsendcredits":"yy","Remainingsendcredits":"zz","TotalRrecivecredits":"xxx","UsedRrecivecredits":"yyy","Remainingrecivecredits":"zzz","createdDate":"28 Jan,2016 03:14 PM","expiryDate":"03 Feb,2017 09:15 PM"}
1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. User cannot be empty
1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. Password cannot be empty
1055:ERROR:Please enter the valid action

For SMPP binding details, or any need for assistance on integrating our API into your platform, contact our Support Crew []


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